Hey Y’all, glad to have you!

My name is Emy Brown, I’m a small town girl from central Illinois who moved to Nashville, TN and met the man of my dreams.

I often refer to him as my claim to fame, you’ll know why about five minutes into meeting him, he’s the most loving, authentic, down-to-earth, amazing man I know!

Seth Brown ladies and gents:



We got married and launched into a lifetime of adventure! We’re currently living in Central Oregon and plan to travel the world during this short life we get to live.

If you asked me my hobby, it would be people. I love people — meeting new friends, loving seasoned ones, and everything in-between. God has truly blessed me with some amazing family and friends all over the world!

I am passionate about living this adventure with and for Jesus and enjoying every bit of it along the way while sharing with the world what He’s up to (#whathesupto) in our lives and the lives of those around us. 

I didn’t grow up knowing Jesus, but He’s transformed my life in the last decade or so and my heart is to share that with the world. That looks like a lot of different things these days — everything from testimony’s of hearts being changed, to miracles unfolding before my very eyes, to the creative abilities He’s given us being expressed and shared. All of it is nothing short of amazing!


Seth and I’s goals and priorities in this life are simple really:

  1. Love God
  2. Love People
  3. GO make disciples
  4. Enjoy the ride and the adventure He gives us.

How we want to do this is by traveling the world (hence the capital and bolded GO), enjoying people, culture, foods, various work opportunities, and documenting all our trails and the testimonies Jesus will supply along the way. We believe when it’s all said and done:

 “Life is short, the world is big, color outside the lines in life and see what He’s up to”


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