How do you respond when the going gets good?

This message is near to my heart, because the truth of it is so real and life changing!

Recently I have heard some very sad beliefs from people, these come out in word form, but they come straight from the heart. I used to have these same thoughts and beliefs, so I can write about it, from the other side. And let me tell you, there is an ‘other side’, and it’s incredible.

Recently when I’ve asked people why they have stepped away from church, life groups and essentially a relationship with Jesus, my heart shatters when I hear their response. I hear things like – Oh I’m good now because “I have a boyfriend” or “I got that job” ,”my finances turned around”, “I finally got married”, or “I’m no longer dealing with that sickness” so I don’t need to come.

I don’t need to come really translates to — I don’t want God right now.

I know this sounds harsh right off the bat, but with all the love in my heart I want to ask you: what are you doing when the going gets good? I ask this because the answer will determine the path of your entire life. Are you falling away, or are you falling more in love with Jesus? You cannot fall forward and backward at the same time, it’s literally impossible.

Looking back on my “I’m good now” days, I call them my spiritual rollercoaster. When things were good I was at the top, hands in the air and a huge smile on my face, but when things got scary my stomach dropped as I plummeted. On a rollercoaster you spend more time crashing down and chugging up again, not much time sitting at the top though, only a few seconds.

So this is what we do with God, we seek Him when we need Him and then when we get our answer, our breakthrough, our boyfriend, or our bank account in order, we head right back to life as we want it. All this to end up back on our face crying out for a miracle the next time bad news or heart break comes knocking.

The truth is that His ways are steady, stable and moving forward, not an up and down rollercoaster ride. Living in this steady place with Him, is where true rest resides and miracles are the norm.

When we diligently seek Him, we learn His character, His nature, who He is and thus who we are through Him. You see, we seem to get it twisted and think God is supposed to fit into our plans, but really He holds them! He holds the future, He created it, don’t you think we should lean in and listen.

Scripture is clear about this in many places but I love this verse and its straightforwardness:

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

The false sense of “I’m oks” come when you first disconnect from The Vine. Just like cutting a flower out of the ground and it doesn’t die right away, we think since we have enough ‘water’ built up to live a week or two and sometimes a bit longer, that we are good. This is when the rollercoaster starts leaning down that massive drop, again.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas come up, I encourage you all to seek to know Him more everyday, learn a new part of His character, learn to listen to Him and to obey him. Ask Him what the plans are, what He wants you to do and all the amazing things He has for you. Stay steady, moving forward with Him. It says in John 15:5 we can’t do anything without Him, so let’s get off the rollercoaster and act like it.

Thank you Jesus that even when we run away choosing our own ups and downs, you stand steady and still with open arms awaiting our return!




1 thought on “How do you respond when the going gets good?”

  1. Sooooo good!!! Emy, I am so thankful that you are being obedient in what God is asking of you!! This is going to bless so many people, including myself!!!


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