Graves and Water – freedom and the connection?

When we are baptized in water we are sharing with Christ in His death and resurrection, anyone who’s been to an Easter service can tell you that, but what does that really look like?

‘We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.’ Romans 6:4

As I read and studied I had this revelation — when we’re water baptized or in any water for that matter, if we didn’t come up out of the water, if we just went under and stayed there we would physically die, it would be death. Our lungs cannot hold breath forever, we would drown in any body of water, pool or baptismal if we tried to never come out of the water.

Spiritually speaking when we are baptized we are going down into the grave with Jesus, and coming back to life with Jesus, if we stay in the grave and do not resurrect (come out of the water) with Him we will die spiritually, just like if we stayed in the pool holding our breath, we’d die in the physical.

If we lay in the grave that He rose out of, we will die spiritually. Am I being harsh maybe, true absolutely.

He is calling us to rise with Him. He is allowing us to rise with Him. What an honor and privilege, and so many times so many of us just want to STAY IN THE GRAVE.

If we believe Jesus walked this earth, He died and rose again and we are bold enough to publicly proclaim that with water baptism, why do we want to stay in the grave?

I’m not talking to those who have never been baptized or given their life to Jesus, I am asking those of us that have and want to identify with Jesus, to get up out of the grave and walk out of the cemetery! There is not life there, again not in the physical or the spiritual.

Just identifying with His death does us no good, the life and abundance is in the resurrection and we are invited to partake in this with Jesus! He literally calls us co-heirs with Him!

So lets get out of the grave if we’re there! If we’ve been there for a while, things will  have to be left in the grave. Things that seem “normal” or “part of you”. Pain, hurt, pride, anger, addiction, lust, unhealthy relationships, and habits — have to stay in the grave. Gossip, slander, manipulation, all the sins that you think you can justify somehow, someway — those all have to stay in the grave too. They stay in that death filled oddly comfortable grave, that is not serving us or the Kingdom, no matter how “used to it” we are.

When you get up out of the grave and claim His resurrection power over your life, you will see Him move in mighty ways and you will walk free from addiction, bondage and brokenness. A resurrected life will look nothing like a life lived lying in the grave, it may be uncomfortable at first even hard and sad, as the yuck of the dirty grave falls off when you stand up, but soon after you decide to walk with Jesus in a resurrected life you won’t even recognize yourself in the BEST of ways!

Lord give us the courage to leave behind anything that does not serve You, Your Kingdom or Your people, including us — as we get out of the filthy grave and walk in freedom with You!


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