Walk Away from the Deceiving Donut!

I travel for work and early Friday morning I found myself at the airport in D.C. flying home to Oregon. I was sleepy, it was a bit before 6am as I strolled into the gate area, and I’d been turned upside down going from pacific time to eastern time zones, and I caved…

Delta made an announcement right as I walked into the gate area “for all Delta flyers this morning we have free coffee and donuts by gate 17”. Without a second thought I found myself looking for the way to gate 17 without slowing my pace one bit! Now — I know donuts are chalk full of sugar, and I know that after eating one I regret it, I mean I’m way more of a salty than sweet kind of girl, and don’t normally prefer donuts even if I am going to indulge on a sweet. None the less my sleep deprived mind thought this was a good idea, so off I went.

Fast forward about an hour and as I sat on the tarmac, plane about to take off, my stomach started growling and you could audibly hear it! How is this happening I thought, I just ate?!?!

I began to think this through and realized that when I eat junk it never fails that I’m hungry sooner than later, because my body is still hungry and craving healthy food with actual nutrients (don’t get me started on GMO’s) like fruits, veggies or oatmeal. Why didn’t I eat oatmeal for breakfast?? I was tempted and gave in, end of story, I let hunger and lack of sleep control my decisions instead of choosing what I knew would benefit me nutritionally and quiet my appetite.

I quickly realized it’s the same when we try to satisfy the deep desire, need, and hunger for our Creator and an eternal purpose with the counterfeit, mass produced, Americanized hussle and bussle, chasing the ‘dream’ and countless ‘acceptable’ sins. When we live on donuts at the soul level we are in a constant state of spiritual hunger.

You see we were all made in His image, and formed and shaped with eternity in the depths of our hearts:

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27 (NLT)

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart…” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NKJV)

Although we will not know everything or achieve all before we get to eternity, this type of work is the only type that will fill and not drain the human soul, we were created for relationship with Him and to be His instruments in this world to carry out His everlasting plan.

Seeking, dwelling and knowing our Creator is the only healthy, pure, nutritious consumption that is able to satisfy our cravings and the quiet the hunger pains of the soul. It’s the only tool that will aide us to appropriately carry out the work He has for us!

Today on this beautiful Sunday morning, take a minute to think about what your ‘donut’ is, and walk away from gate 17. The world is going to keep tempting you on the PA system that the donuts are there and “free”, but do yourself a favor and go get a banana and your bible and you’ll be satisfied in a lasting way. It’s practical, it’s a choice, forget the announcement and walk to your gate. Keep your eyes on what is truly satisfying, not what ‘sounds good’ in the moment!

Happy Sunday Friends, lean into His grace today it’s the only way we can live constantly fulfilled!






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