Active vs. Passive: Where are you?

I was at bible study, and heard a familiar scripture that happens to be one of my favorites, one of my go-to’s. But the Holy Spirit gave me a different way to think about it, a new revelation in the exact moment it was being read.  The scripture is Matthew 6:33 which says:

‘But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.’ NKJV

Two things were revealed to me in this moment. To explain the first I am going to start with a few definitions.

Active– requiring personal effort or attention; not automatic

Passive– influenced, acted upon, or affected by some external force, cause or agency; being the object of action rather than causing action.

(definitions taken from

What the Lord revealed to me is ‘seeking His kingdom and righteousness’ is the active part, the part I must ACT upon. I must choose to dwell with Him, I must choose to read His Word, choose to go deeper and deeper in my relationship with Him. It takes action to seek, read, pray, listen to, and worship Him.  I have an active part; I must take action to seek Him and His righteousness.  It takes effort and thought, choice and follow through, as a daily habit.

The joy of this is that the passive part comes next, we can rest knowing that He has an active part as well, and His active is our passive. ‘And all these things shall be added to you’ is His active part, when we have no pressure, or energy to exert.  He adds to us, He blesses, He gives us all we need. Our job is to actively seek His kingdom and righteousness, and His part is to add to us.

When something is being done for us no matter what that is, we don’t have to act or do anything. Someone cleaning your house, getting a nice dinner cooked for you, or having someone mow your lawn, those are all times you are in a passive state, you are not doing anything.

It’s the same with God when He adds to us, pressure is removed and we don’t have to figure it out, we don’t have to find a way, we don’t have to stay up all night stressing about whether it will happen or not, that’s not our job.

So we seek Him and His righteousness in all we do and He will add to us, His word says so.  It sure doesn’t say seek me and then try to figure every detail of your life out and worry when it doesn’t look like you thought it should. Nope- it says ‘seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness AND all these things shall be added to you.’ So we take action first THEN He adds to us.  So simple it’s hard to grasp sometimes, but once we start to spend our energy in heavenly places, so much will be added to us.

I can promise this is true, because His word says it, and also because it’s my personal testimony.  As my husband and I, while dating, engaged and now married started and continue to seek the Lord with our entire hearts, He added to us both in so many ways, and He continues to everyday.  This ties in with the second thing that was revealed to me.

He reminded me that when you are seeking Him first, the other thing that happens is a heart change. Things, jobs, and relationships you may have wanted and attempted to control before, are removed or changed in His presence.  When we seek Him, He gives us the true desires of our hearts, which most of the time don’t look much like the selfish desires we want without Him.

In seeking Him first, not only do you learn who He is, His character and what His righteousness looks like, you also become like Him. After being in the presence of the Lord, your desires look different. I believe that’s why He teaches us to seek first, because it changes what we even desire to be ‘added’.

So let us do our part first and foremost, and leave the rest to Him. He will add to you more than you could ever dream of, I promise, but it comes out of the overflow of simply being with Him, seeking Him first.

Lord teach us to seek you first in all we do, not to have anything added, but to know You as our Father, Lord, Savior and Friend.


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