Picture Perfect – In Progress

Cool old building huh, we wondered what the story behind it is. Was it a bank, was it a mercantile, or the local grocery. I landed on it was a pharmacy of sorts, similar to the one in Bedford Falls in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Truly we’ve not a clue what it really was back in it’s prime, what do you see? That’s the question I’m loving so much about photography!

Some of you might have seen an Instagram post I shared a while back about photography. Lately I’ve been reading all I can get my hands on, googling at the details and settings — learning all I can. However, one thing remains true —practice really does make perfect — and few things in this world will give you the experience and learning like hands on learning does.

Deciding to be disciplined in doing, in practicing, in trying — even when it’s not perfect or anywhere near — is the difference in honing a craft and just dabbling in it.

So Seth and I went out last week, just driving, we stopped when either of us saw a fun photo-op or thought something was worth documenting. After all one of the biggest draws to photography for me is the capturing of memories — the feeling of the season you’re in whether that be a literal season physically or one of the many mental, emotional or spiritual seasons we find ourselves in.

I love telling the story of us through the memories we snap and the beauty that we behold everywhere we look.  It makes you search for the beautiful, the different, the eye capturing, the serene, the gorgeous and the gorgeously flawed. Photography has forced me to stop and really take it all in, to open my eyes to God’s creation. It places the sense of awe back in my head and my heart that tends to drift all to often.

So here are a few shots I took last week when we had the windows down and an unseasonably warm summer breeze floating through our souls as we took the back roads and leaned in to the long way.

















This last one my hubs grabbed of me — Toyota if you want this hit a sister up 😉 Talk about an add for an awesome adventure! Central Oregon you truly are beautiful — majestic and unknown.

I’m learning the magic is in the mystery most times, the unknown really has a way of making your soul come alive. I’ll want these memories to remind me of how magical it really has been, even on the days I couldn’t see it for myself.

These are our stories, the story of Seth and Emy in that season they spent in Oregon. I’ll want these, I’ll cherish these. These mark a part of us, a part of me that has grown in a way I’d never in a million years expected when we headed out west.



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