Auntie Em

Aunt Emy, my new favorite title.

I married into a huge family, not your average ‘huge’ but really truly huge. My hubs has 18 siblings. I used to want to marry into a big family, I was thinking around 4 or 5 siblings, but 18 I didn’t’ even know what to do with that.

I’m pretty outgoing by nature, people don’t normally intimidate me, which I attribute to the amazing way my mom, dad and grams raised my sister and I. They taught us that you’re no better or worse than anyone, financial status, social status, skin color, nationality, or lifestyle, you’re no better. I can hear my dad saying it now. I’m forever grateful for this being instilled at a young age, it’s taken me far in this life. This has also fared me very well when I married the youngest of 12 boys, and second to youngest of 19 kids. I jumped right in with both feet, and I can say with all honesty, I married into an amazing family and I’m so thankful for them!

I’d never met any of my nieces or nephews (and even some of the family I married into) until we moved to Oregon in 2016.

Since we’ve been here in Oregon, I’ve fallen in love with being an Auntie. These kiddos are literally amazing, so smart, adorable and fun to watch grow.

They are profoundly smart and I am seeing more and more why Jesus tells us we must become like children. They get it y’all, for real. They know who they are and they don’t let any failure or mistake they make modify their identity. They know Jesus loves them and they’re quick to tell you too.

There are somewhere around 42 nieces and nephews in the family, and in this season I’ve gotten to know 8 of them really well. Two of Seth’s brothers live close to us and we get to see their kiddos often. So as I’ve been learning and venturing out in photography, these kiddos have become some of my favorite subjects to capture.

We went out evening camping and fishing this week with some of them and we had so much fun, look how cute these girlies are!



All that to say, Aunt Em is a hat I’d not thought much about historically, and since we’ve been here in Oregon, it’s quickly become one of my favorite hats to wear.

Here’s to all the Aunties out there!


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