Hey there! If you’ve seen any of my images on Facebook or Instagram  or right here on the site, and are interested in having a part of our adventure as a part of yours, you’re in the right place!

I will be posting my favorite images from our travels and adventures here, and you can purchase them in digital format to print out, share, gift, make a canvas out of for that perfect place on the wall, really have how ever you’d like. My hubs and I love sharing our lives and our artistic creations with others, so we thought why not our artistic images and we couldn’t think of a reason why not! So each image will be a flat $5, and you get the unmarked image straight to your email.

Each image will be marked with a unique number, so head on over to the Connect page, shoot us an email with the image # you’d like and we’ll get you all set. We’re able to take Venmo and PayPal payments at this time.

We hope you all love our art and passion as much as well do, we’re so pumped to share!

Cheers to adventure, art, and sharing!


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