Changes and Fun Updates!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I hope y’all had a great Labor Day weekend and got some rest in, although contrary to the name of the holiday 🙂

Many of you know that Seth and I have dreamt of and planned to become debt free, sell everything and travel the world, and WE’RE GONNA DO IT! We’re currently selling our house, truck and motorcycle!!! (We’re giving a $500 finders fee to whoever connects us with the buyer too, check out the deets in our latest YouTube video) Once they sell, we’re going to plan out our first stop and then see where the wind blows us and the Good Lord leads us from there, on the adventure of a lifetime! We truly believe that Freedom is Beautiful and that’s the entire plan for us moving forward, to stay free and stay beautiful!!

I’m writing, as you might have noticed I haven’t in quite a while, which is because my hubs and I have been working on a new project and I want to share it with you all!

We’ve started a YouTube channel ‘The VagaBrowns’  where we will share our journey to sell everything and our adventures around the world!!!

Launch Thumbnail.png

We’ve already started by exploring all around Oregon and a few other places too, some fun videos are already live! We’d love to take you along for the journey and hopefully encourage and inspire you to take your own adventures too! Subscribe over on YouTube and you’ll be able to keep up with our weekly videos, we post every Monday at 3pm EST! We picked Monday, because well, they can be a drag sometimes and we hope these adventures will make you smile and give you something to look forward to!

We’ll be focusing most of our time and energy on building our YouTube channel and on our Instagram as well, so I likely won’t be writing as much, but it’s deep in my soul to love to write, so who knows when you’ll see a post here too!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying this beautiful journey, we’d love to take you on ours as well! Check out our channel and let us know what your favorite adventure video is so far!!

All my love,



The Cost of Friendship

In my last post I wrote about friends, vulnerable and authentic friends, which I am so very blessed with in my life. This week I want to talk about friends again with a different perspective. I’ve been reading in John recently and just finished it up this last weekend. So much goodness and revelation! 🙌🏼 

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Booger Friends   

The older I get the more I care about quality over quantity. I know I’m not all that old, 32, but quality is becoming increasingly more important to me, and has been on my mind a lot more often.

Don’t get it twisted, I’d take 10 pairs of TJ Maxx jeans for $20 a pair, over one pair of expensive brand named jeans any day. What can I say, I am a bargain girl through and through!

What I’m talking about can’t be bought with money. I mean friends. There was a time in my life and I’m sure many peoples, when we’d do anything to have tons of friends and people to love and be loved by. (which was not true love anyways, motives change things.) High school was a breeding ground for this superficial aspiration.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not turning away from friendships or avoiding new ones, I adore people, way more than everything else in the world.

What I am learning though, more and more, is that I have a deeper desire and hunger for them to be real, deep, authentic, and vulnerable.

I was pondering on this today in the shower, I do some of my best thinking in there! I landed on a ‘type of friend’ I want and want to strive to be. “The booger friend”, this is the person who will tell you if you have a booger in your nose, or food in your teeth. In other words they are honest and vulnerable, and with a propensity to be both of those proactively. I don’t want friends who feel guarded around me, or I around them. Secure in who we are, and secure enough to be honest with someone in life’s ups and downs. As flattering as it may be ‘hearing what we want to hear’ that does us no good, not one lick. I venture to say it likely does us harm. I want people who love me enough to tell me the truth even when it hurts, and to do the same for them.

As I ponder on this I don’t write from a place of longing for these authentic relationships, but from having them. Yes they are less in quantity, but the quality is deep and rich, in a way that no amount of money and popularity could attain. Yes they are spread out all over the nation, but they are my people, they are my “Em, you have a booger” friends, and wow and I humbled and thankful for them!

So here’s to the booger friends, let us have them, let us be them. And for goodness sake with all the selfishness and anger in the world these days, let us become more interested in developing quality over quantity with people. It’s more realistic, more reasonable and way more satisfying!


I’ll never understand

Random, but usually true, well in my case, always true – women go through conditioner faster than they go through shampoo.

Raise your hand if you have this problem, I’m positive I cannot be alone here, there’s no way. I also happen to be one of those people who would prefer to open a new shampoo/conditioner duo at the same time. Having excess shampoo and a new bottle of conditioner drives me bananas; it’s one of my quirks I suppose, I might be alone here. Continue reading “I’ll never understand”

Lacking the ‘When’ not the ‘What’

In this fast paced world we are bombarded with information, to-do lists, next steps, self help, how to’s, who to follow, the next fashion trend and all the pretty lights.

During my time in the Word this week I had a fresh revelation, very fundamental almost basic Christianity 101, yet very critical. These days the trend is to push the limits, to dare to challenge the status quo, to do our own thing, to choose our destiny. While I am all for adventure, newness and taking mighty leaps of Faith, I do think “we”, as Americans anyways, tend to push the envelope in the opposite direction at times, and it could be and is, fatal, all to often. Continue reading “Lacking the ‘When’ not the ‘What’”

Your Diagnosis and What to Do

If you’ve known me anytime at all you probably know I am a Registered Nurse and I worked in ICU and Emergency Room prior to the job I have now. I miss it terribly some days, being let into a persons life at what could possibly be the most fearful, devastating, tragic moment they’ve ever had, is truly something special. I’ve been honored to hold the hands of many during these hard times.

Like I mentioned last week, this is how the Holy Spirit spoke to me a couple weeks ago and shared some revelation, I’m hoping it resonates with you all.

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Living the Unexpected: 3 Lessons from this Year!

I’ve been reminded so much lately about the actual state of my insides, my heart, my emotions, my soul satisfaction and ultimately the undeniable need for a Savior to heal me and keep me.

My husband and I moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere Oregon, a little over a year ago, for the ministry. It will be fun they said, it’s the best place to be “right in the center of His will” they said. It’s been nothing short of the most stretching season of my life. I’m keenly aware of the spiritual maturing that is happening, and it’s not so comfortable most days.

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The live broadcast, is it what you thought?

What are you worshiping? Or who do you worship?

It can’t be both, not whole-heartedly anyways. By default when we worship a thing(s), or person(s) its like a budget, if you have just one dollar you can’t give it away twice, you’d have to split it.

When you worship God only, nothing and no one  else, with your entire heart, soul, and being you become full.

By full, I mean of peace, joy, happiness, blessings, abundance, love, faith, and truth.  You see, if you are truly worshiping the one and only God, these amazing gifts are a byproduct.

‘Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.’

Psalms 34:8

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Root vs. Fruit

Because my boss is awesome, we always start our weekly meeting with an ice breaker, todays question was this: ‘If you could know one thing about the future what would it be?’

When it came to my turn I said, “I’d want to know how the next four years will turn out, so I could post a spoiler alert on social media and people would possibly go back to loving each other, praying for our leadership no matter if we agree, and stop all the hate and political posts on social media.”

This made me think about deep issues, root issues, and what I’ve learned about them.

With the way in which the world looks today, this root realization has changed my life inwardly as I reflect on my growth (and plenty of areas still growing), and outwardly as I take in all this world throws out: the love and hate, the peace and chaos, the envious and the encourager. All of these can be boiled down to root vs. fruit.

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